Organize Your Own Team

You can set up your own discussion groups, and develop Isokratia further, promote Isokratia to your area independently of any involvement by me. If your response determines  it and means facilitate it, there should be Isokratia group web sides in every language, for each of you to work independently. From my part I will welcome the help of those who can translate Isokratia to other languages. Any language translation  made available to me I will endeavour to publish in my Isokratia web pages. 

You can contribute by offering your thoughts and proposals to specific areas you feel you have the ability or expert input.  Any well-thought-out idea, or suggestion, is welcome from anyone. If you are not a professional, remember this, ‘you don’t have to be a professor, to contribute an idea, a thought’. The best ideas of course, are always derived, from the combined efforts of heart and mind. Lets not forget, that the mother of all invention drives, is necessity. Your necessity to contribute can be a source of many thoughts and ideas which can formed the basis for further development.

You can contribute by sharing your ideas and thoughts. It could be that your thought may provoke an expansion upon it by someone else. However do not rely on me. Set up your own discussion groups and forums and advanced Isokratia in your area. To those who may like to share your ideas and thoughts with me,   send me your thoughts on  or by post if have no access to the internet to the current address shown in the Isokratia web pages.